Wyre Forest Study Group

June 1, 2022

Nature, the playwright



One of the many delights of being able to visit Wyre Forest each year is being able to witness the ebb and flow of the seasons, along with the changing faces of the cast and characters that nature provides for each seasonal ‘act’.

Nature’s diary or annual program is often anticipated with bated breath and crossed fingers. Will spring be late or early? Has there been too many cold spells? Has there been too much wet weather? Has it been too dry?

With uncertainty of the impacts of global climate change, we are all too often looking for signs that all is well (for the time being) with our local wildlife.

And so it was with a sigh of relief that the new 2022 generation of Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary in the forest made their ‘stage’ appearance during a recent visit to the Wyre. Splendid in their colours, they are gone only too soon. We are already looking forward to nature’s repeat performance next year – fingers crossed!







Small Pear-bordered Fritillary - Boloria selene

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Boloria selene