Wyre Forest Study Group – Geology articles (Note – PDFs best viewed in MicroSoft Edge browser)

The Earthquake of October 6th 1863 – Mike Averill

According to the British Geological Survey, the UK experiences an earthquake of the magnitude of 5.0 on the Richter scale approximately once every 10-20 years. Most go almost unnoticed with very little in collateral damage. Mike has been looking in to the history behind one of the largest to hit the midlands in 1863, as recorded in the New York Times of all places!

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2018) 

Rocks, Soils and Landforms – Jane Pope

This article describes two winter field meetings in Wyre during which members of the WFSG discuss the physical geography of the forest.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2015)

Tufaceous Wet Flushes in the Wyre Forest – Susan Limbrey

The author describes how the wet flushes have formed within the Wyre Forest. She provides the results of soil sampling of the flushes, and discusses why some flushes are tufa-rich. 

(See link article ‘Ellipteroides Cranflies in the Wyre Forest – Mick Blyth’, both from the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2010)

Geology of Wyre Forest – Atkins A. H. 1883 (Midlands Naturalist)

This article describes the rock and fossils that may be found along the Dowles valley as well as the slag left from blast furnaces of long ago.

(Originally from the Midland Naturalist 6: 31-33 and reprinted in the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2010)

Map showing area of seismic activity similar to the Earthquake of 1863

British Geological Survey

Wyre Forest rocky outcrop

Rosemary Winnall