Wyre Forest Study Group – Fish articles 

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The Brook Lamprey- Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman’s ode to the Brook Lamprey, one of Wyre’s more unusual fishes.

 (From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2022)

A Surfeit of Lampreys? – Brett Westwood

Brett Westwood describes the different species of lampreys and their interesting life histories. He describes the search for evidence of breeding Brook Lampreys in Dowles Brook and refers to a close encounter with a large lamprey in Trimpley Reservoir.

 (From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2015)

Fish Sampling Day at Uncllys Reservoir – Graham Peirson

Dr. Graeme Peirson describes the methods and results of an investigation of the fish community of Uncllys reservoir in the Wyre Forest, with recommendations for further work.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2015)

Lamprey - Lampetra fluviatilis
Lampetra fluviatilis

John Binghan

Perch - Perca fluviatilis
Perca fluviatilis

Rosemary Winnall