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Wyre Forest Insects

The Wyre Forest is home to hundreds, indeed, thousands of species of insects. The most numerous and diverse group of animals on the planet, the Wyre Forest is able to hold its own when it comes to uncommon and even rare species of insects. Just about every bush and branch about the forest is capable of producing new finds and entries to add to the county biological records, confirming, if confirmation was needed, that the Wyre Forest is a vitally important sanctuary for many insect species including specialties such as the Land Caddis and others.

For more than 25 years, members of the Wyre Forest Study Group have been foraging high in the canopy and low in the leaf litter of the forest, armed with sweep nets, pooters, collection tubes and notebooks, adding invaluable information and data to the significant bank of scientific knowledge collected over the decades. From time to time, the results of such surveys are published in the Annual Review.  


This gallery will be updated and added to regularly. We would love to be able to include photographs from group members too.  If you have any photographs within your own personal collection that were taken within the local area of the Wyre Forest and you would like to see them displayed within these pages, just let us know.

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