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Clavicorona taxophila – John Bingham

John Bingham reports the finding of Yew Club, a waxcap fungus not recorded in Wyre before. It was found under a Yew tree in Far Forest Churchyard.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2022) 

Plicatura crispa – John Bingham

 John Bingham describes finding Plicatura crispa Crimped Gill near Coopers Mill. This is a first record for Shropshire.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2021) 

Yellow Flat-footed Fly Agathomyia wankowwiczii, Platypezidae, Diptera, on Artist’s Fungus Ganoderma applanatum (Pers.) Pat. Polyporales – John Bingham

Here John Bingham describes how in 2010 he had discovered the uncommon bracket fungus  Ganoderma applanatum on several uprooted oaks. Returning again in 2012 to photograph the fungus, he also recorded the presence of galls on the fungus, made by the Yellow Flat-footed Fly, Agathomyia wankowiczii, a very scarce species. Visiting the area once again in 2019, John brings us up to date with his observations.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2019) 

Fungus Foray in New Parks – John Bingham

Members of the Study Group met for a Fungus Foray in November 2019. The day was led by John Bingham and in this article he explains how he had set the target of 50 species to be found and recorded which, given that it had been a bad year for fungi, was a very optimistic number. However, by the end of the foray the target exceeded his expectations.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2019) 

Marasmius epiphylloides (Rea) Sacc. & Trotter. Ivy Parachute Fungus – John Bingham

This small member of the Marasmius group of fungi is specific to the host plant, only occurring on decaying Ivy (Hedera helix) leaves. Although often overlooked it was discovered on two sites during 2017. John Bingham provides more details and a photograph of this beautiful and delicate fungus.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2017) 

Arrhenia rickenii (Singer ex Hora) Watling, at Upper Arley, Worcestershire – Denise Bingham

Walking over the parapet of a road bridge is probably one of the most unlikely places you would expect to find a fungus. But, as Denise Bingham explains, such a location can be the ideal location for a diminutive fungus such as Arrhenia rickenii (formerly Omphalina rickenii).

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2017) 

A New Tooth Fungus for the Wyre Forest – Bob Kemp 

Fungus enthusiasts familiar with the Wyre Forest in autumn will often encounter the relatively common Wood Hedgehog Fungus Hydnum repandum. Occasionally they may also see Jelly Tongue Psuedohydnum gelatinosum on fallen wood or the inconspicuous Ear Pick Fungus Auriscalpium vulgare growing out of a pine cone. But Bob Kemp describes how he found the tantalising evidence of a new Tooth Fungus for the Wyre.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2017) 

Sedum Roof Expedition 2016 – Ann Hill and Rosemary Winnall

The Community Discovery Centre, with its Sedum roof, was built in 2009. In 2016 an intrepid survey of the roof revealed an interesting selection of plants, bryophytes, fungi and some invertebrates. 

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2016)

Some unusual early Autumn Fungi found in Wyre Forest 2015 – John Bingham

The author reports his finds of Rosy Spike Gomphidius roseus, Gilded Bolete Aureoboletus gentilis and Sinuous Chanterelle Pseudocraterellus undulatus.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2015) 

Clubs, Spindles, Corals and Clavarioid Fungi of the Wyre Forest – John Bingham

The author introduces us to the attractive Clavarioid fungi found in and around Wyre. His article contains beautiful photographs of most of the species he describes.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2014)y Group’s REVI 2014)

A New Species of Waxcap – Rosemary Winnall

The recent 3 year Defra-funded DNA ‘Project Waxtongue’ has resulted in a new species of waxcap being identified. The holotype for this, Gliophorus reginae, is from Bliss Gate, Wyre Forest.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2013)

Some Summer Fungi in Wyre Forest – John Bingham
Wyre Forest has over 2000 species of fungi recorded, and John Bingham describes a few of the less well-known species that fruit in the summer.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2013)

Epichloe in Wyre – Rosemary Winnall
This article describes the fascinating inter-relationship between a grass, fungus and fly.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2011)

The Spider Fungus Gibellula pulchra – Rosemary Winnall
The author describes the discovery of this fungus and describes its life history.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2011)

Some Conifer-associated Fungi found in Wyre Forest – John Bingham
The author describes the following fungi that are found in the Wyre Forest: Rhizopogon luteolus (Yellow False Truffle), Rhizina undulata (Pine Firefungus) and Auriscalpium vulgare (Earpick Fungus).

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2010)

Interesting Records in 2008 – John Bingham
The author records some of the special species that he discovered in the Wyre Forest during 2008.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2008)

Fungi of Wyre Forest – John Bingham
The author notes the importance of the Wyre Forest for fungi and describes some of the more uncommon species.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2008)

Mycological Report for 2005 – Roy Mantle
The author notes some of the fungi found on visits to several sites in Wyre during 2005.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2005)

Squamanita paradoxa in Wyre Forest, Shropshire 2004 – John Bingham
This rare and unusual fungus, parasitic on the common Cystoderma amianthinum, was found by John Bingham in the Wyre Forest in September 2004 and also on Brown Clee in October of the same year. John describes his special finds and includes photographs of the fruiting fungi. 

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2004)

The Fungi of Wyre Forest – Neville Wilde
The author gives credit to the mycologist Carleton Rea (1861-1946) in the documentation of the fungi of the Wyre Forest and provides his own list recorded between 1969 and 2000.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2000)

Silky Piggyback - Asterophora parasitica
Silky Piggyback
Asterophora parasitica 
Green Elfcup - Chlorociboria aeriginascens
Green Elfcup
Chlorociboria aeriginascens 

Rosemary Winnall

Spider Fungus - Gibellula pulchra
Spider Fungus
Gibellula pulchra 

Rosemary Winnall

Golden Spindles - Clavulinopsis fusiformis
Golden Spindles
Clavulinopsis fusiformis
John Bingham
Pinecone Mushroom - Auriscalpium vulgare
Pinecone Mushroom
Auriscalpium vulgare 

John Bingham