Wyre Forest Study Group

21 May, 2021

A return after an absense of 8000 years?

After many rumors and false starts, it was finally possible to observe and photograph the incredulous sight of a terrapin. Sightings of this individual had been reported, often with an air of disbelief, over the past three years. This terrapin would haul itself out of the water in order to benefit from the heat of the sun.

It seems that these creatures were once native to the UK – some 8000 years ago – but, although common across Europe, it is no longer present as a native reptile.

Once a popular pet, there have been increasing numbers released into local waterways. As in many cases, such released individuals are often able to adapt and survive in the wild.

No figures are available currently around the numbers of terrapins to be found in the UK waterways, nor is it known what impact their increasing numbers are having on the native wildlife.   






Terrapin - Steve Horton


Photograph by – Steve Horton