Wyre Forest Study Group


         October, 2020


It’s autumn and grassland fungi are beginning to appear! Pink Waxcaps are an indicator species for what could be a special site for fungi, and if this is found it is worth returning to see what else comes up before the first frosts of the winter.

Waxcaps are generally found in unimproved grassland with short turf and moss. Meadows, heathland, cemeteries, parks are all worth checking.

PLANTLIFE is conducting a waxcap survey this autumn and provides a free smartphone / tablet app for use in the field. Search PLANTLIFE WaxcApp survey for more details.




Pink Waxcap Porpolmopsis calyptriformis - Rosemary Winnall

Pink Waxcap Porpolmopsis calyptriformis

Bliss Gate 3rd October 2020

Photograph by – Rosemary Winnall